Pocket Listings

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Why Pocket Listings?

What They Are

Pocketdeed_Pocket listing“Pocket Listings” are real estate listings that a broker does not promote publicly through an MLS and therefore is not looking to cooperate with other agents.

The listing broker is searching for buyers directly, and will represent both the buyer & seller in a transaction (dual agency).

The benefits of a “Pocket Listing” include: privacy for the seller, better screening of potential buyers, & more favorable commission structures for both sellers and brokers.

Pocket Deed merges the mass exposure of public listings, with the benefits of “Pocket Listings”.

No Commission Splits

Pocketdeed_Dollar signThe primary benefit of “Pocket Listings” for brokers is that they do not require a commission split. Even with a lower negotiated commission, a broker can earn more through a “Pocket Listing” than in a regular 50/50 split. Your client saves money and you earn more!

Example: an agent can offer to list at a discounted commission of only 4% (instead of 5%). In this scenario an agent would earn more than splitting a standard 5% listing fee with another agent and earning 2.5%.


Pocketdeed_BrokerTop brokers go above and beyond normal practices for their clients. This means actively finding BUYERS not simply uploading a listing into an MLS, and waiting for other agents to sell the property.

Pocket Deed is a tool for brokers to do just that; find buyers directly.

Before publicly promoting a listing in an MLS, reserve a limited period of time with your client to market the property as a “Pocket Listing” on Pocket Deed. Sellers can save on selling costs and you still earn more than in a regular 50/50 split.

Your clients will appreciate you trying to save them money.


PocketDeed_SecurePocket Deed secures your “Pocket Listings” by keeping the exact property address hidden. What is displayed on the website is a ½ mile area where the property is located.

In order for a potential buyer to find the exact location, to see the property in person, or to write an offer, they would need to contact you as the listing agent.

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